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Why Traveling Is Good For The Soul

2016 has come and gone but there are still many places you’d love to go and explore this 2017. With all the wonders (known or hidden) of this world, you won’t run out of beautiful places to visit.

Investing in memories is always much better than acquiring material stuff. Snapping a photo or two of yourself in to-die-for locations will not only earn the thumbs-up of family and friends on Facebook or Instagram but even the envy of many.Take the time to travel especially in your youth when you still have the energy to walk miles after miles of unknown roads and not easily feel exhausted.

So, take the time to travel especially in your youth when you still have the energy to walk miles after miles of unknown roads and not easily feel exhausted.

Traveling is that one thing everyone would like to do more often in their life. Unfortunately, work gets in the way and makes it impossible at times.


Whether it be an interstate travel or to a farther tropical destination in Asia, the change in scenery is always a welcome change in your life. The key here is planning in advance – even months ahead before the big trip to make sure everything is covered. Plot those vacation leaves, set up a piggy bank for your travel pocket money, buy items of clothing and shoes that fits where you are going, and just about what needs to be done to prepare for your trip.

You don’t have to be rich to afford the vacation of your dreams. You can even go backpacking or stay in cheaper hostels or Airbnb accommodations to save money without sacrificing any other aspect of your travel. If you are up for it, you can also travel during off-peak season to enjoy bigger discounts and savings.

Traveling is good for the soul. You can relax and unwind and enjoy many new experiences in places you can only dream of. It lets you enjoy the following benefits:

Learning: A trip out of your comfort zone and into a place you do not know is a learning experience. A crash course in learning how the world outside your daily life functions. And if you are travelling abroad, this learning widens. You get to know a new language, relish a new cuisine, discern different aspects of their faith or spirituality.

Discovering yourself: When you travel, you discover more about you than when you are at home. There is time for introspection, appreciation for things that you otherwise take for granted and a change in your perspectives.

Having an adventure: An adventure need not necessarily translate to climbing a mountain or going on a diving expedition. It can also mean something as simple as trying out street food in a city you are travelling to.

Relaxing and rejuvenating: The home-work-buy groceries-cook routine will tire you out in time even if you enjoy it. So, travel. Try a 10-day meditation break or a relaxation treatment in one of the spas tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It will improve your mood and outlook on life.

An escape from the mundane: A demanding job that leads to a burnout, a bad break-up – whatever be the issue, pack up your bag and travel. Stepping away from things you see and feel every day is a perfect way to come back rejuvenated.


You can still have a great time and enjoy traveling even if you’re a parent with kids in tow. You’ll do things differently but having them with you can also open you up to new experiences. And traveling is good for kids too.

Your children will learn so much

I am a firm believer that most things learned are taught outside of the classroom and travel is a great teacher. Even at 2 years old my oldest has learned that there are many different types of people in the world who all look very different. She knows and understands there are different languages spoken and different foods served based on where you live. She doesn’t have negative preconceived notions about people who are different from her, in fact she has plenty examples of many different types of people who have been kind to her.


Give yourself a break and indulge in travel now and then. You work hard and you deserve to play harder. Start exploring local destinations and travel abroad when you can. The happiness of going somewhere new by yourself or with the people you love is something money can’t buy that you’ll always cherish in your lifetime.

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