Monday, 31 July 2017

Bringing Technology Closer To The People

If there is one thing that stands out in the world today, it is the dominance of technology in almost all aspects of our lives. Wherever you look, there is some sort of tech device that takes center stage. A few decades ago, the closest thing to technology the people have access to were the TV, radio, kitchen appliances, and the telephone. You have to do thing manually for everything else that is left. But today, there is a tech gadget to do the job for you in virtually everything.

While they have generally made our lives easier, they somehow made it more complicated too. Your brain has to learn how to operate all these gadgets and even use them simultaneously at times. Smart gadgets are a personal favorite of just about everyone, though, because there are a myriad of things you can do with them, so you can finally say to boredom for good – that is if you don’t forget to charge it so it does not run out of battery when you need it the most. For the upcoming innovative technologies that are yet to hit the market, the best place to learn more about them and see them beforehand are in tech fair and conferences where their makers flaunt their specs and features for all to see.

Get on your walking shoes and prepare to traipse exhibition floors. Australia’s premier business technology event CeBIT is on again. And it’s back in the Sydney CBD at the rebuilt International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour starting on May 23.

For three years, CeBIT used digs at Sydney’s Olympic Park, which meant a smaller fair, reduced crowd numbers and apparently questions about its standing as an international event.

“There were international brands, international attendees, who question their involvement because the venue we moved to wasn’t familiar to them on an international basis,” says CeBIT Australia organiser Harvey Stockbridge, the managing director of Hannover Fairs Australia.

This year’s CeBIT looks a bumper event with more speakers, more conferences and bigger venues in the new centre.


Expect to see all sorts of technologies and contrivances during these tech fairs. While you won’t find some of them useful in your daily life, others can really blow you away for sure.

MORE than 2,800 projects, with an estimated value of over 24 billion yuan (US$3.5 billion), concluded transaction during the 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, which was held in the capital city of Sichuan Province during May 10-12.

Special events related to investment, entrepreneurship and technology attracted more than 11,000 foreign and domestic investors and entrepreneurs. Technology-related deals reached 8.36 billion yuan, while equity-investment transactions totaled 15.67 billion yuan.

Several Chinese and overseas experts gathered in the 2017 World Future Science and Technology Forum on May 11, which was part of the fair, and spent almost two hours discussing the country’s world-leading work in developing nuclear fusion — which promises to offer clean, limitless energy.

China is one of the seven core members of ITER, an international nuclear fusion research and engineering project, to build the world’s largest magnetic fusion device to create clean and sustainable energy. The ambitious plan cost more than 100 billion yuan.


Attending these tech conferences is a great way to stay in the loop on emerging tech trends that will soon dominate the market even if you are not actively working on the tech sector yourself. It is also an excellent way to network with peers and potential customers for various reasons. You’ll be able to build a strong and diverse network of peers and professionals alike that may or may not be aligned with your profession.

Tech conferences are there so that their makers can share their discoveries with a wider audience and ask for the feedbacks of the people in attendance. It’s the perfect opportunity for tech companies to interact with the people who will likely buy and support their products once they are sold in the market.

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