Friday, 3 November 2017

Advocating For Mental Health

Life is not easy but you learn to cope. However, there are people who have a hard time doing that. These people end up hurting/ cutting or starving themselves, bottling up their emotions leading to depression and even taking their own lives when nothing else works.

Being mentally healthy is important to not only function like a normal human being but to also keep your head above the problems you are facing. There are days that will really be too bad where you just want to curl up in bed and do nothing but eventually, you have to face reality and move on. That is the only way to live and thrive in this world we live in. It’s never easy but you got to keep trying.

Spending three months in a hospital bed is a tough pill to swallow for anyone. It's even more difficult when your anxiety kicks into high gear.

Joe Bietola has been anxious all his life. It came to a head when he fractured his leg, and was sent to Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare for several weeks. Confined to a room, unable to get around on his own, Bietola's anxiousness only got worse as each day passed. He described it like being a zombie in bed.

People cope differently. While we may all put up a good front on our social media accounts, deep down we are hiding our own demons we are too scared to face.

Bietola's leg injury wasn't the only thing getting treated. Mental health support was right at his fingertips.

"I wasn't sleeping. When they addressed it, I started to calm down, all the symptoms started to go [away]. They helped me really good," he said.

Simple things like talking with a trained mental health physician, being prescribed the correct anxiety medication or just getting out of the room helped ease his mind. A nurse and psychiatrist specifically focussed on his mental well-being saw him on a regular basis.

"A lot of times you don't feel like getting out of bed, but you have to force yourself," he said.


It is not unusual for a person to exhibit physical symptoms when their mental state is not in good shape. Even the royalties who live in luxury and the admiration of the public understands the importance of mental health. And what’s even more important is for everyone to overcome the stigma associated with it.

When it comes to attitudes to mental health in Britain, we are now at a "tipping point", the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have said today, as they recruit a host of high-profile public figures to help "shatter the stigma".

The senior Royals have today launched the next stage of their Heads Together campaign: a series of 10 videos designed to spark "simple conversations" about mental health.

Starring the likes of Andrew Flintoff, Ruby Wax, Stephen Manderson and Alastair Campbell, the videos are part of the Royals' ongoing battle to break down the "walls of judgement" they perceive to be standing in the way of progress.


More people now begin to understand the correlation between physical health and mental health. But despite that, many of us still struggle because the world is much different now than in the past. Overexposure to social media can do that to you. You never knew you had so many deficiencies and insecurities until you see the lives of every person you know.

"I had more people crying in my office the day after the election than honestly I've had since the day after 9/11," Dan Hartman, a Philadelphia-based psychiatrist, told about his patients’ reactions to Donald Trump becoming president. Four months in, the wounds are still fresh, and the Trump administration, with its trampling of rights, unending legislative chaos and wholesale disregard for the truth, continues to cause millions of heart palpitations, insomniac nights and untreatable migraines.

The White House occupants also remain steadfastly committed to wreaking havoc on our mental states. As Republicans pushed an insurance bill that would have done lasting damage to Americans’ mental and behavioral health well-being, clinicians reported the psychic wages of the Trump war against U.S. citizens. “Add up the additional medications prescribed, extra ER visits, delayed procedures, missed work, plus the fallout from other illnesses being relegated to the back burner, and you have the makings of a major medical toll from this election,” Danielle Ofri, a physician at Bellevue Hospital and professor of medicine at New York University, warned at Slate.


And this is what we all get for not knowing any better - a president who knows nothing about politics and proves it for the entire world to know after assuming office. None of the policies he has pushed for, so far, will do good for the nation – not even his immigration policies can save himself from messing up early in his administration.

And the majority of the population who did not support his candidacy are now suffering from poor mental health because they can’t comprehend that he really did win. We are talking about the future of an entire nation, not just a business enterprise, so we can understand pretty well why people suddenly suffer from anxiety or depression after his win. Now, he’s adding more damage to injury by depriving Americans of affordable health care. Can it possibly get any worse?

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