Friday, 16 March 2018

Fighting For Animal Rights

Who says only humans have rights. Animals have rights too although it is often overlooked by many simply because they are not up to par with the human race. They are the inferior species, it is true but it does not mean we can just trample on their rights just like that because they are living beings that can feel and get hurt too. Not everyone treats animals this way but it can’t be denied that there are those who enjoy inflicting pain and making these poor animals suffer for their own enjoyment. In the likes of these people are hunters, poachers, and everyone else who patronizes cruelty to animals in one way or the other.

Many times society has been torn as to what to feel and how to act on circumstances where animal life is not given importance at all. Science, after all, uses animals in their research and every other industry that require a testing of some sort before they can safely sell their products to their end consumers – humans. Shops that sell animal-related souvenirs or exotic delicacies are also included in this list. And if you look at it, our society has embraced some sort of tolerance to these behaviors over the years and some even consider it as part of the norm.

This dispute once again gave rise to questions about the legal personality of non-humans.

The 21st century has seen many attempts to recognise animals as legal subjects — from granting them protection from cruel treatment, to arguments for recognising them as legal persons and granting them property rights — but there has been discomfort in giving them a plenary membership within the human legal community. Scholars like Benjamin Berger have argued that it is the contrived attempt to treat humans and animals similarly that has obscured our understanding of animals as legal subjects, while moral philosopher Peter Singer contends that the idea of the species divide itself is feigned, and so the moral and legal distinction irrelevant.


What confuses the majority are the conflicting perspectives of society in general over the very core meaning of animal rights and as to which animals have rights to be upheld and which ones aren’t that important. Remember that we are omnivorous eaters and meat is a big part of our cuisine, so it is understandable that we are torn over this subject because we eat fish, poultry, beef, etc. in our day-to-day meals. So, does that mean we stop eating meat from now on?

The Israeli march is expected to surpass a 1990 event in which 25,000 people marched for animal rights in Washington, DC.

Keynote speaker at Rabin Square at approximately 9:30pm will be Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal-rights organization in the world. Also coming to Israel for the event is James Aspey, a global animal-rights activist based in Sydney, Australia.

The march’s theme this year is “It’s in our hands.” Participants will be advocating for the rights of wild animals, strays and animals held in the entertainment, medical experiments, food and clothing industries, as well as for banning the sale of fur products in Israel, banning import of live animals for slaughter and increasing the national budget for spay-neuter programs.


The issue of morality is the main reason why some people are fighting for the rights of these animals, aside from them not being able to fight for their rights themselves. If you think about it, there shouldn’t really be an issue on animal rights at all if we only learn to coexist with each other and respect the rights of one another. But unfortunately, there will be casualties as some species have to sacrifice in order for the human race to push forth the innovations and development we are all aspiring for.

While we can’t totally obliterate the conflict with animal rights, just being a little more sensitive about not hurting any animal in our daily life and not supporting any forms of cruelty towards the animal species as a whole is already a great start. You don’t necessarily have to become a vegan to make a point. The issue here is the senseless violence animals have to endure for human’s pleasure. Steer away from those and you are doing the best that you can in your own little ways.

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